Are you a competitive gamer looking to advance your skills through investing in a high-quality gaming PC? Are the price and affordability making you doubtful about your potential gaming system as well? Regardless of the cost, you decide to settle on, the uncertainty of whether the expense will be beneficial remains. Today we will take one step forward and delve into the advantages and specifications of a $2000 gaming pc and decide if it is worth the money or not.

Things We Like About a $2000 Gaming PC

At the $2000 benchmark, you need to ensure that the features you’re being offered in that high-end range are equivalent to its performance. This means that you’re getting the best and most premium features that will give you a wondrous gaming experience while playing cyberpunk 2077 or mortal combat with your friends.

Here is a list of things you need to keep an eye on, regardless of whether you’re buying or building one:

1. A strong Central Processing Unit (CPU) that can run for hours without getting hot.

To make your gaming experience as entertaining as possible, you need a CPU that will not disrupt or slow down your game by overheating. With an abundant budget of $2000, you can easily get an exceptionally strong and future-proof processor. This will allow the smoother functioning of open-world games that incorporate a lot of artificial intelligence, which can exhaust the processor if they’re not good enough. Moreover, within the given range, you can easily get an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X or Intel Core i9 12900K which costs around $570 to $780 as of now. This will be especially easy if you’re building a PC instead of buying a pre-built computer, as you will have the freedom of allocating your budget at your convenience.

It is also important to note that while you can change the GPU, upgrading the CPU is a rather difficult and time-consuming task. You need to change the motherboard, get a newer ram version and a PSU, etc. So, it’s important to get one that will be effective and durable in the long run from the very start. A $2000 gaming pc will very well save you from the hassle of taking care of the inconveniences that a low-cost computer would’ve entailed, allowing you to enjoy your free fire max without worrying about the processor acting up.

2. A powerful Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to give you an excellent gaming experience.

In case you didn’t know already, the device responsible for the generation of images on a device is the GPU. In this regard, the GPU is a particularly significant component of a gaming PC. Without it, you simply won’t be able to play any modern 3d games.

A good GPU can be characterized by a large memory bus and a high memory clock speed which are the driving force behind good graphic settings and resolution, making your gaming experience more enjoyable and fun. Although you could also use the GPU that comes with selective Intel and AMD processors, buying one additionally when you have the budget is always encouraged to improve the overall visual quality of your gaming PC and give you a more realistic and clearer view of each level and progression of the game.

We recommend the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 GPU whose popularity is enough testament to its quality. With a 12 GB graphics ram size, it not only runs fast and smoothly, but its 1665MHz memory clock speed also ensures faster performance. Another great high-end choice is the Radeon RX 6800 XT GPU whose 2620 MHz (Boost Clock) up to 2474 MHz (Game Clock) give it the finest and most excellent pixels, along with other cool effects.

3. An efficient Random Access Memory (RAM) that allows you to play games without the PC lagging.

RAM is the feature responsible for running multiple apps at the same time without causing any unnecessary delays and pauses.

Though RAM is not the most important feature to consider while buying a PC solely for gaming, it should have sufficient capacity to not disrupt or slow down the game due to simultaneous applications working in the background. It is also important to note that most modern games can work smoothly at 8GB RAM provided that it has a high-quality graphics card. At the same time, most gamers and experts suggest 16 GB RAM for optimum performance without any stutters. Going for a 16 GB RAM will not only improve the performance of the game by a long shot (pun intended), it will also futureproof the PC and increase its longevity by a decent margin. Furthermore, going for a higher RAM will allow concurrent applications (such as web browser and office applications) and other background services to run smoothly.

Furthermore, searching more about the RAM requirements of various games, we found that Overwatch had the least necessity of a 4 GB RAM whereas Half-Life: Alyx required a relatively higher 12 GB to run smoothly. Others such as Destiny, PUBG, and Fortnite fell somewhere within the spectrum.

A good storage drive that allows games to run faster and more smoothly. While the options for storage drives were limited to hard disks (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD) in the past, the introduction of M.2 SATA and the M.2 NVMe has led to stark improvement in the gaming experience. An ample budget of $2000 means that you can benefit from better speed and performance as compared to other less costly computers.

Let’s study the options in more detail:

M.2 SATA is a relatively newer and advanced form of SSD which is way faster and smoother than its older version. Comprising of small and compact size, it just needs to be inserted into an M.2 slot to function. The direct attachment of its M.2 connectors to the motherboard means that there is no need for cables, which adds to the greater convenience and a more well-put-together look of the PC. While it is generally associated with data storage and speed, another of its perks includes its simple and easy integration with wireless wide area networks such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, etc.

M.2 NVMe is a more costly yet the most effective of all storage devices. While the highest speed of SATA SSDs is only 600 MB per second, these allow much-increased data transfer, reaching as far as 4 GB per second. Conclusively, with a $2000 budget, you can rest assured of the best speed and quality of your gaming PC, playing your favorite games without any disruptions or worry.

Things We Do Not Like About a $2000 Gaming PC

While there are very minimal drawbacks of purchasing a high-end gaming PC composed of the best materials, there are still a few things to consider before opting for that budget:

1. Technological obsolescence may lead to product depreciation fairly early.

It is no surprise that through the years, automation and computers are constantly coming up with better and improved features that surpass their previous versions. When this happens (and it occurs fairly often), the price of your gaming PC may fall and the expensive components that it is made of may not retain their worth for a long time. They may:

  • Start working slow for advanced upcoming games
  • Require up-gradation of parts like the CPU, GPU, MB, etc.
  • May simply become unsupportive of future games which require more advanced features

As a general estimate, a gaming PC lasts around 4-5 years in terms of its optimum performance but it can be used for 2 more years even if you do not wish to replace it.

2. Customization may be a time-consuming and difficult task.

If you decide to build your gaming PC yourself, you’ll need extra time to research the components and their prices. While this may seem easy, it can be quite a time-consuming task since the quality and prices are always fluctuating. You’ll need to

  • study the amalgamation of the components
  • their individual and relative importance
  • find out what is the best choice for you
  • And then finally, make a culminating decision for the allocation of your budget to its parts.

If you’re relatively new to the gaming world, or just generally do not wish to spend as much time on this task, it is recommended to get an already-built one.

Final Verdict

Now that we have covered as many aspects we could have, it is for you to decide which option fits you best. If you’re passionate about gaming and believe that a $2000 gaming PC will assist you in being more interactive and competitive with other international players, absolutely go for it. Otherwise, it is better to settle down on a more mid-range affordable option that will still fulfill your needs.

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