With the modern lifestyle and advanced technology, indoor playing has become the new mode of gaming. These indoor games have got you covered with all options, whether you want to play solo or with friends, online or pre-programmed. They come in consoles and PCs. Players and enthusiasts have to choose their favorite gaming platforms from the two categories. Console vs PC is a topic everyone has debated at least once.

There is a constant tug of war between the two supporter groups. Both have their differences as well as similarities. We will put light on the reasons as to why you should choose a gaming PC over a Console. So, if you are interested to know, keep reading!

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Console vs PC: Which one to choose?

Choosing between a console or gaming PC depends upon many factors and we have compiled them here for you. Let’s begin!

Personal Choice

This is the most basic yet widely ignored thing to consider while investing in one of them. PC vs Console gaming is a personal choice decision. It may look so wage to even give it a thought but your inclination to either is the most important way to determine what you want.

See for yourself what you will enjoy the most. If you have a lot of time and energy not to just play but give attention and required physical effort to gaming then go for PC. On the other hand, if you just want to enjoy a game sitting on the couch, a console is your answer. You just have to plug in Playstation or Xbox, whatever you have, and start playing. The console is suitable in this scenario.


The game setup cost plays a profound role in making a purchase decision. For instance, the starting price for a gaming PC can go up to tens of thousands, and you will have to buy various parts to make it compatible as you advance in the game. It’s like you will have to build a den and will have to upgrade it as well from time to time. Although the experience you get with such a setup is unmatched, you will have to pay a hefty amount for it. Whereas, an upfront buying cost for the console is enough for years to come unless there is a need to update it with the newer one. The latter is a seldom scenario given that most of them work well for at least 7 years to come. Considering all this, Console will still be an affordable choice and a good one too.

For a limited budget, Console is a visible winner here. You will need to buy certain subscriptions for it but for the most part, the console is a proven budget-friendly option so far. And the good news is that manufacturers are constantly improving and aiming to go fully online in the coming years.

Technical skills

The gamer should have at least basic technical knowledge to play and maintain the gaming PC. That doesn’t mean you should master the skill but to run a proper gaming PC, basic skills are still a requirement. But for the console, there is no such obligation. These are pre-programmed gaming setups, provided by the manufacturer. That means you don’t need to install or upgrade any program or games yourself. Their hardware is not intended to be touched or changed by players. Hence, prior wins this round in terms of console vs PC battle. But if you are a hardcore gamer, you already know that PC is your first choice with all its real-life-like fields, better graphics, precise mouse movements, and better gaming sounds and framerates.

Reasons To Choose Console Over PC

Since we have talked about the three major differences and choosing criteria for PC vs Console gaming. We will now move forward with why is it better to purchase a console and not a gaming PC by looking at it from a deeper prospect.

Ease to use

As mentioned before, the major difference between a console and a PC is the ease with which you can play. With PC you are bound to learn, apply and modify your setup to keep it fully functioning whereas with a console you don’t need to put such efforts. All you have to do is buy your favorite gaming brand and start playing on lounge TV. This is an ideal setup for those who don’t have much time to install or make their gaming PC but still want to enjoy their hobby at their convenience.

Longevity and investment factor

PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo all are designed in a manner that will continue to be played even after a decade without any major upgrades. Furthermore, you can sell, buy or rent gaming DVDs. And because the console is a one-piece consumer technology model, you can rent or sell it too, making it a good investment material. On the contrary, a gaming PC is not a cheap buy and doesn’t always give you good reselling benefits as it comes in pieces and that too is user-specific. Moreover, various pieces have to be bought and assembled over the years. Not to forget, all this can cost as twice as a console unless you buy second-hand, value-for-money pieces. The need to update is also not light on the pocket.

Multiplayer gaming

Although both counterparts have this feature, they do have some differences. Majorly with a PC, you can play online with your friends or groups. While for the console you will get the privilege to sit down together and compete on the large screen. Mass playing is always a delight that you get to experience with Console that too without movement restrictions. As far as online gaming is concerned, there are some online options available and more in the pipeline to come in the future to make it a fully functioning online platform as well. Till then enjoy both the features on your console.

Wireless controllers

One prominent difference between Console vs PC is that you get a variety of wireless remote controls with a console. Different game controllers and joysticks give you ease of movement while playing. You get games requiring physical activity and body movements, which is a health benefit too. PC, on the other hand, has more of a sedentary gaming style and you will have to sit in the same position for long to complete a quest. Hence, a health hazard warning from our side. And who likes those awkward wires and cables wrapped around you making it impossible to detangle and get loose. Console gamers are more at peace as they don’t have to fight with cables and make their way out on the daily basis.


Some games are console exclusive and vice versa for the PC. Console vs PC gamers might have a tie on this one. But that doesn’t make much of a difference either, as long as games that you like are available on the platform you are using. The only thing to keep in mind here is that some games might not be supported on certain consoles. In that case, make sure your favorite game will be supported by the one you intend to buy.

Hardware and peripherals

Peripherals and hardware are almost an integral part of a gaming PC. if you wish to enjoy the game to its maximum potential, you need to incorporate them into your setup. Not only are these expensive but you need some technical expertise to fix them a make them run smoothly. Also, there are chances of corrupted or flawed hardware. And who isn’t aware of nightmares of solid-state drives (SSD) and other hardware-catching viruses. Console, on the contrary, doesn’t need to deal with any such technical problems or malfunctions. Yes, they do come with peripherals but those are completely optional and don’t need any programing by users as they are already built-in additions. And will work fine on their own once hooked up with the console.

Final Verdict

So here we are! We have talked about all aspects of the two gaming platforms in detail. Making it comparatively easy for you to decide. However, choosing a console over a PC remains a popular choice if you are on a budget or have limited to no technical skills. Another reason to go for the console is its simple, easy to use, and easy setup mode. It is affordable start-up cost and pre-installed hardware is ideal for a newbie in the gaming world. Now the argument at console vs PC gamers

Our final verdict is it’s better to choose a console and not the PC and with that said we leave the rest to you, pick the options that suit you better, and decide accordingly.

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